Play as Franklin the Ghost, a ghost terrified of humans. Unfortunately, a family of them has recently moved into the house he's been haunting for the past decade, and they aren't exactly friendly towards their friendly neighbourhood poltergeist! Franklin must make his way out the front door of the house before he's exorcised by avoiding human detection and figuring out how to bypass the salt they've left laying around to trap him.

01/25/2018 Update:

* Fixed minor bugs and glitches

* Patrolling enemies now stop for a while before they turn back and head the other way

* Players can now dash! Click middle mouse button to dash a short distance

* Floor 1 human is now a priest; he can see a further distance than the rest of the enemies and the awareness goes up twice the speed

Made withUnity
Tags3D, Escape Game, Ghosts, Stealth, student

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